About EduCongo

EduCongo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhance and improve the quality of lives for children of the Democratic Republic of Congo through education.

At EduCongo, we believe every child deserves a quality education in hopes of reaching and achieving his or her full potential. Our motto, “planting seeds of hope for all children,” speaks to our commitment to improve their lives with education as a catalyst.

A glimpse inside our school:

EduCongo’s sponsored school, The Discovery, is located in the rural area of Kisanga, outside the mining town of Lubumbashi in the southeastern province of Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo. Led by its founder, Dr. Pierre Radja, The Discovery School opened its doors in 2002 to the delight of the entire Kisanga community. The school first welcomed 198 students in 2002, today, that number has grown to 2024 from kindergarten all the way to high school! At EduCongo we believe education to be at the heart of human progress; this belief fuels our efforts to support the education of our students on the other side of the Atlantic!