Educate Children – Empower a Nation

EduCongo’s Power of ONE campaign goal is to inspire global citizens to contribute One dollar or more towards our mission to provide underprivileged children of the Congo with quality education. The funds raised through the Power of ONE Campaign are to be invested directly towards projects to bring EMPOWERMENT, SUSTAINABILITY and SELF RELIANCE to EduCongo’s sponsored school, La Decouverte, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Improving infrastructure of sponsored school:

  • Building and managing of water system for the 2014 students and 51 staff members
  • Upgrade sewage system for the school to improve sanitary and hygiene standards
  • Providing electricity for the school in addition to the purchase of top of the line generators that will keep electricity going during power outages.
  • The building of additional class rooms to improve teacher/student ratios, building a fully stocked library, a conference/meeting room, a teacher’s lounge
  • Refurbish basketball court
  • Purchase of quality desks and furniture for teachers and staff offices.
  • Facelift for the school; painting, replacing broken windows, improve security for school properties, roofing job.


Starting a business to ensure stability and self-reliance.

  • Construction and opening of a Computer/Business center in Lubumbashi owned by the school
  • Provide Micro Loans to students’ parents to start businesses of their own.
  • Create internship and job opportunities for our school’s graduates
  • 50% of profit generated from the business will go directly towards school’s operating budget